Full Circle

1986: LaGrange, Illinois. I shot my first selfie in my room for a self-portrait assignment, due the next day. I had already broken my dad’s camera. This one was a loaner from my high school photography teacher, Nan Garside. I didn’t have a tripod, so I set the camera on the edge of my desk, which added some blur around the bottom of the frame.

Silverprint from 35mm negative

I was about to graduate from high school. A couple weeks earlier I’d seen the mountains and ocean for the first time, on a road trip to Daytona Beach for spring break with the guys at my lunch table. I’d lived in the same house in Chicagoland for 18 years, and it wouldn’t be long till I left or college in Madison, and moved away forever. 

Stuck inside the house with my family, knowing everything was about to change, but not sure how. Trying to make something out of nothing.

Tonight, I’ve come full circle. 34 years after that spring evening senior year, my high school is inducting me into the Fine Arts Hall of Fame. PERFORMANCE OF “FOOTLOOSE” IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING!

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