The Deluded City

Back in 2017, Der Spiegel sent reporter Claas Relotius to Fergus Falls to write about Trump supporters in small town America. He was there for 38 days, and his story “Where They Pray for Trump on Sundays was eventually published in Europe.

Unfortunately for him, however, a couple of savvy locals used Google to translate the article from German to English; They discovered that most of what he’d written was completely false… He just made it up.

Bürgermeister Ben Schierer, Fergus Falls, Minnesota

In response, the German newspaper BILD sent me up to Fergus Falls to photograph their reporter as he toured the town in the wake of the scandal. You can read the article (in German) and see the photos here.

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I grew up in Chicagoland, studied journalism in Madison, trekked across the Australian outback on a camel, and settled down in the Twin Cities after that.

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